Amongst the chopped corn stalks

IMG_8371_cardinal  IMG_8347_thrush

IMG_8366b_looking for a crumb  IMG_8367b_looking for a crumb

Dry brittle corn stalks
Shooting up out of the snow
Enticing the birds.

A red cardinal
Searching for much needed food
Lights atop a stalk.

A hungry brown thrush
Feverishly pecks away
At a frozen cob.

An alert sparrow
Spies a kernel on the ground
Lunch for one is served.

Four-leaf clover

“Four leaf clovers aren’t rare … People who look for them are.”  ~Christy Jordan

IMG_8337  0425091906

“… Your patience may have long to wait,
Whether in little things or great,
But all good luck, you soon will learn,
Must come to those who nobly earn.
Who hunts the hayfield over
Will find the four-leaved clover! …”
~Sarah Orne Jewett