Looking back

‘Tis the season — snake season that is.  While walking to a shed in my backyard earlier in the week, I felt impressed to look back along the path I’d just walked.  Glancing back, I saw this snake outstretched, with his head held high and his tongue hissing.  Though not poisonous, it was, nonetheless, a bit unsettling to have such a close and unexpected encounter.  Today as I walked along that path, I knew to keep a close eye out for my new found friend.

“Look back, and smile on perils past.”  ~Walter Scott


This juvenile skink was contently basking in the warm afternoon sun.  With his neutral color and distinctive stripes, he blended in well with the dried pine needles and grass — all except for his bright blue tail, which gave him away.  Fortunately for the Five-Lined Skink, if a predator grabs him by the tail, the tail can fall off, allowing him to run for safety.  A new tail will soon grow back.

“When something goes wrong in your life just yell ‘Plot Twist!’ and move on.”  ~Molly Weis

Finding a warm spot

Due to mild temperatures this past weekend, this turtle found its way up out of its muddy winter hiding place and found a nice spot to sit and enjoy a pleasant day.

“She thanked God that life was not always winter, that spring always came at last to chase away the cold and heaviness, and to release one to warmth and movement again.”  ~Janette Oke