Frogs on a log

While visiting the Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge, I was able to spot a couple of  frogs — a Green Frog and a Gray Treefrog.  They were both sitting on logs, soaking up some sun.


if I were a belly-floppin’ frog
I’d sit in the sun on a little old log,

and I’d doze

with my eyes closed

if I were a belly-floppin’ frog      



upland chorus frog upland chorus frog

This tiny frog was sitting on a blade of grass in our backyard.  I believe it is an Upland Chorus Frog.  Tennessee’s Watchable Wildlife describes it’s call as “short, raspy and rises in pitch; sounds like someone dragging their thumbnail over the teeth of a comb.”  Not a terribly flattering description of this little frog’s singing voice, but I sure do enjoy sitting on the screen porch at night and listening to its chorus.

“Every life composes a song of its own.”  ~Jeff Veach

Sneaking up on a frog

Usually I hear a loud “yelp” and a “plop”, followed by the sight of water rings left by the blur of a leaping frog.  I seldom actually get a good glimpse of the frog sitting along a ditch or have time to take photos before the inevitable aforesaid scene.  But lately, it seems like my stealth-like powers may be improving.  🙂

“So the trick it seems, if you want to sneak up on frogs, is to walk softly and act as little like a giant as possible.”  ~Tom Pelletier

Trilling frogs

This little frog was camouflaged so well that I would have never seen him, had it not been for his loud melodic chirping.  At one point, when the lake got very still and quiet, he was joined by a great chorus of frogs all singing at different frequencies and volumes, scattered throughout the greenery.  It was a beautiful sound to the ears.

Later, as I was looking at the photos, I discovered that I had been so focused on the one vocal frog, that I had not noticed that there had been another quieter one hidden nearby (see the last two photos).  🙂

“If we can discover the meaning in the trilling of a frog, perhaps we may understand why it is for us not merely noise but a song of poetry and emotion.”  ~Adrian Forsyth

Big old bullfrog

... When the marshy meadows glimmer
With a misty, purple shimmer,
And the twilight flush is changing into shade;
When the firefly lamps are burning
And the dusk to dark is turning,--
Then the bullfrogs chant their evening serenade ...
~Joseph Crosby Lincoln