Small Blessings

“Sameness” is a good word to describe these cold winter days of COVID-19.  Yet within the sameness of each day come small blessings which make it more tolerable.  The beauty of the sun glistening on the snow and icicles hanging from holly branches.  A variety of birds which appear at the feeder with their many colors and personalities and songs.  Robins gathering to drink water from melted snow puddles and huddling in sheltered spots with their big fluffy feathers.  A flock of cardinals descending in unison on a nearby bush at feeding time. Daffodils and magic lily leaves peeping out of the ground bringing the promise of spring.  A phone call from a loved one.  Sometimes, small things are precious things — gifts given by our Creator to add variety to our day and uplift the heart.  It’s important to remember to be thankful and not let the “sameness” put a damper on our souls.

“A good memory is one that can remember the day’s blessings and forget the day’s troubles.”  ~Irish Blessings

24 thoughts on “Small Blessings

    • Thanks, Eliza! With all the ice and snow that we go this week, I have been seeing some birds that don’t usually come to the feeders. It’s fun to watch and see what shows up.

  1. Our birds consist mainly of a pair of cardinals, a few chickadees and nuthatches, an occasional downy woodpecker and a blue jay or two. We finally found the right mix of birdseed, which appeals to the birds but not the squirrels. We love watching them too.

    • The smaller birds (chickadees, nuthatches) are harder to capture because they fly in and out so fast and often go to the back side of the feeder. Every once in a while I get a decent photo. They just seem more aloof, but I love to see them. Some of the small birds and the woodpecker seem to enjoy the suet cakes we put out. I’ve never seen the squirrels bother them either.

  2. These are beautiful bird pictures Rebecca and I agree with you completely. This month’s weather, not only for you or me, but so many others, combined with COVID has sure been trying. Every day having snow or bitter cold and missing my walk which is so restorative to me has made for a very long February for me. I have done a post for tomorrow on birds I’ve seen this Winter, but you’ve seen way more than me. Seeing your birds with their I.D. of their names is interesting, especially the Northern Mockingbird as I just saw my first one this Winter. I participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count this year – it was fun and I hope to do it again. Too bad it was snowing and cut down on the birds I might usually see.

    • Thanks, Linda! Yes, the arctic air really put a kink in things. I’m so looking forward to warming back up to the 40’s and 50’s this coming week. That would be fun to participate in the bird count. I’m looking forward to seeing the birds that you post.

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