Contrails (or lack thereof)

It can be interesting keeping an eye on the sky above our little country road.

Situated in the path of several large airports, we are used to seeing vapor trails of airplanes as they travel from one destination to another, sometimes adding to the beauty of the sunset.  Most generally these trails are in straight lines.

But one day, as I stood looking up, I saw some circular contrails, possibly made by more than one plane.  Similar photos found on the internet indicate that they may have been made by military jets.

This airplane drew my attention because of its contrail, or lack thereof.  It was putting out a short vapor trail and then, for a while, there would be no vapor trail at all.  It was a Qatar plane, and the appearing and disappearing contrail may have been due to atmospheric conditions on that day.

Occasionally, the unexpected will happen.  Last week we were out walking and I noticed the moon shining brightly in the pale blue sky.  I stopped to take a photo.  As I was attempting to focus the shot, I noticed something moving across the image.  Thinking it might be a bird, I quickly took a photo.  It turned out to be an airplane.  We were unable to spot a contrail or even to see the plane with the naked eye.  What a view those passengers must have had!

“For one minute, walk outside, stand there, in silence, look up at the sky, and contemplate how amazing life is.” ~Unknown