My husband and I have a favorite spot where we enjoy standing and watching the barges glide slowly and silently along the Mississippi. There’s something mesmerizing about watching the powerful engines of the tows as they seem to effortlessly push their large loads up and down the river.

Sometimes, I can’t help but be taken back in my mind’s eye to far away childhood memories of standing spellbound along the Illinois Central Railroad and feeling the rumble of the large, powerful engines of the freight trains as they glided smoothly along the tracks through our small West Tennessee town. The thrill of waving to the conductor and receiving a wave or hearing a short, loud blast of the engine’s horn.

Yes, there’s something magical about watching the barges go up and down the Mississippi and the memories that they bring to mind. And sometimes, you can’t help but smile and wave and wish them safe travels on their journey.

One thought on “Tows

  1. I hear you! There’s something other-worldly and some how magical about watching these beasts of industry going about their business, whether by rail or water. Thanks for sharing.

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