Mother’s Day Rose


One of my favorite memories of Mother’s Day is of my Mom going out to our rose bush on Sunday morning to select a special red rosebud for each of her kids to wear to church.   A red rose is worn on Mother’s Day by those whose mother is still alive and a white rose is worn by those whose mother has passed away.  I didn’t realize at the time the significance of the color red, but now as a Mom and a Grandma, I look back with a thankful heart to have had her guiding hand and influence in my life all the years that I was growing up — to have had her wisdom and counsel during the years that I was raising my own kids — and now to have her friendship and listening ear as our kids have obtained their own independence.  Thank you, God, for Moms.

“I am, for the most part, who I am because my good mother was who she was.”  ~Richelle E. Goodrich