Final journey

For many years, the Illinois Central carried passengers through West Tennessee on its journey between Chicago and New Orleans.  Watching the trains pass through our small town, as a child, is a little piece of local history that I recall fondly.   Sadly, these two old passenger cars, sitting on the side tracks at a local scrap metal recycling facility, have made their final journey.  Somehow, I can’t help but wish that they had met a kinder fate.

Life is like a journey, taken on a train
With a pair of travelers at each windowpane.
I may sit beside you all the journey through,
Or I may sit elsewhere, never knowing you.
But if fate should make me sit by your side,
Let’s be pleasant travelers; it’s so short a ride.

2 thoughts on “Final journey

  1. Wouldn’t that be a great way to travel the country! If one had their own train car & could travel the country in it! I heard that one could do that,but maybe not anymore? Metal may erode but not the heart warming memories.

    • Yes, it certainly would be a good way to travel, but very expensive these days! I guess those old trains just always seemed so magical to my young eyes. 🙂

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