Mourning Doves

Mourning doves are commonly seen sitting in our pine trees or searching on the ground for sunflower seeds that have fallen from the feeders.  They often have favorite perches where they sit, and from which their distinctive coos can be heard.  However, they are easily startled, and take off like a shot.  Their initial flight produces a sharp whistling sound, followed by the gentle flutter of their soft wings.

Time, as he passes us, has a dove’s wing,
  Unsoil’d, and swift, and of a silken sound.
~William Cowper


8 thoughts on “Mourning Doves

    • Yes, I love to hear their soulful sound. I sometimes see them sitting on the lines too, but usually only in pairs. There must be more of them where you live.

      • When we first had our house I heard them and I thought it was a dog moaning…. thought my neighbour was keeping some poor dog on a chain! Soulful is a great word for the call!

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