8 thoughts on “Dark skies

      • I was at my favorite Park a week ago Saturday – absolutely beautiful day and I was ready to leave and dark clouds everywhere. It was cold enough to snow, but it did not … they came from nowhere and the rest of the day was overcast. The weather has been so odd, all across the U.S. When I first followed you, you had all the pics of the ice and snow … I always think of Tennessee as warm. Guess no one’s weather is the same as we remember or it used to be. And, the poor East Coast people!

      • Our weather changes from day to day. I’ve always heard that if you don’t like the weather today, just wait until tomorrow. It will be different. It seems like that is so true around here.

      • That’s funny Rebecca because that is exactly the same phrase that they use here in Michigan for the weather, but Michiganders sometimes say “wait five minutes” …

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