While driving along the Mississippi levee, in the distance I spotted a small flock of birds that were flying in a formation that looked like a light brown cloud.  They were not ones that I normally see in the area, so I wondered what they were.  Later, as we were driving along a road next to a flooded farm field, we spotted this little flock of birds, which explained what I had seen earlier.  I believe these are Pectoral Sandpipers.  They are common spring migrants in Tennessee from early March to mid-May.

“Live your life as an exclamation rather than an explanation.”  ~Isaac Newton

3 thoughts on “Sandpipers

  1. I’ve never seen Sandpipers before; they must have looked amazing in formation. I always marvel at the geese in formation. It just amazes me to see them so synchronized, plus honking away as they fly.

    • I knew when I saw them flying in unison that it was a bird that I had not seen before. We were very lucky to come upon the flock sitting in the field and undisturbed by our presence.

      • That’s always a treat to see. They were so weary they did not take flight like they normally would. You were in the right place at the right time.

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