Around the feeders

Ruby-throated hummingbirds around the feeders at the Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center – Big Sandy.


Occasionally, you would also see them resting on small branches overlooking the Tennessee River.

“It is not the strength of the body that counts, but the strength of the spirit.”  ~Tolkien

11 thoughts on “Around the feeders

  1. So pretty – I haven’t seen any here yet, likely because it has been so chilly. My neighbor used to have hummer feeders around the house near all the windows – they were a joy to watch, but after she passed away, her son threw all her miscellaneous feeders in the garbage, so no more birds of any kind stopping by sadly.

      • You’re welcome Rebecca – I shared it with my friend Marge and she’d watch it for hours – there were three live cams and she would flip from one to the other. One was the feeder as I recall and maybe the other was a fountain. I hope the mother was in her nest when you viewed it – she was last night when I sent you the link. There are many links for various animals or birds at that site and you, a nature lover, could get lost there as I have.

      • I’m glad you saw her on the nest – she is always looking around at her surroundings. I wonder how they feed the little ones? I’ll have to look it up … maybe they are able to fly earlier than other hatchlings to get to the feeders.

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