White pelicans

White pelicans, migrating from their breeding grounds in the north, sometimes take a southern route along the Mississippi River.  A number of these birds arrived at Reelfoot Lake in October in search of food and a place to rest.

On our first encounter with them, we spotted a large number flying silently overhead.

Later, we saw several sitting on logs out in the lake, preening their beautiful white feathers.

Below, the second pelican from the right eventually grew tired of sitting and preening, and opted instead to go for a swim.

Whether in the air or on the lake, it is always a welcome surprise to come across these magnificent birds.

“Nature’s prime favourites were the Pelicans; High-fed, long-lived, and sociable and free.”  ~James Montgomery

10 thoughts on “White pelicans

  1. Some of these may be from my neck of the woods. Amazing work, Rebecca.

    A very funny bird is the pelican. He holds more in his beak than his belly can.

  2. It is very beautiful seeing them in the air or lined up in a row … I think I mentioned before I’ve never seen the white Pelicans. There is “one in every crowd” who has to buck the trend … that one pelican is that guy. 🙂

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