Black-necked stilt

In April, we were delighted to see these delicate-looking shorebirds hunting for food in the shallow waters of flooded farm fields close to the Mississippi levee.  They only visit our area for a short time, and then migrate on.

“Happiness is a gift and the trick is not to expect it, but to delight in it when it comes.”  ~Charles Dickens

9 thoughts on “Black-necked stilt

  1. Rebecca, that was an unexpected surprise. I’ve never seen one of those Black-Necked Stilt Shorebirds around here. His legs look like stilts. I liked how he/she is studying the water for fish.

    • Yes, stilt is a good name for them. I’ve read that their “legs are longer in proportion to their bodies than any other bird except the flamingo”. They definitely have a one track mind when it comes to hunting for food.

      • Interesting, so “stilt” in their name must have come from the long legs. I was just being funny suggesting it. 🙂 Fixating a stare in the water works for finding fish. I see the heron do that sometimes and he is studying the water and does not see me then.

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