Nest site

A couple of ospreys in a nest built on top of a platform in a national wildlife area close to the Tennessee River

“Great things take time to build.  Great accomplishments come over time, through hard work, diligence, and effort.  Nothing is instantaneous, at least nothing of value. ”  ~Matt Loper

16 thoughts on “Nest site

  1. Great photos, Rebecca. Paul spent an entire season watching a pair of osprey add to an existing nest, move into it and tend to the eggs until the babies eventually flew the coop. He came up with a beautiful painting to boot. God has His eye on all of us, so we can be sure He’s got our back.

  2. They’re really large birds! I’ve never been lucky to see an osprey. A pair of ospreys built a nest on top of an electrical provider’s pole at Lake Erie Metropark. The DTE crew had to remove the nest and the eggs were carefully moved to a “fake light pole” nearby. The adults found the new nest and all was well. Another pair built a nest on the firehouse siren – any port in a storm I guess. 🙂

    • The platforms are provided to give the Osprey an alternative to other man made locations such as electric or telephone poles, bill boards, etc. I can’t say that I know of another raptor that does this either. There is a rather large natural Osprey nest located in the top of one of the cypress trees at Reelfoot Lake. We have enjoyed watching the adults that fly near it, gather food and return to the nest.

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