Great White Egrets







It is common to see the great egret feeding along the edge of Reelfoot Lake, or in nearby seasonally flooded land, between March and October.  Their beauty and stately manner continue to fascinate me.  These photos were taken at various times over the past year.

“If you are always racing to the next moment, what happens to the one you’re in?  ~Zig Ziglar

20 thoughts on “Great White Egrets

  1. Beautiful! Reelfoot is my favorite place too for bird watching. Thanks for sharing these! I’m also a native of West Tennessee and continue to be amazed at the beauty all around us! I had to go away to appreciate how fortunate we are but I’m glad to get back.

  2. The great egrets in your photos look so regal and the photo of the group of them is really a sight to behold. Wish I could have seen that. Recently, at the Detroit Audubon site I follow on Facebook, a photographer captured a video of a group of great egrets … first time I ever saw anything like that and now your photo.

    • We saw this colony on some farm land near the Mississippi River. I thought it was funny that they were all crowded into this drying up puddle of water on farm land when there was a whole lake not many yards away. I guess they know where the most abundant food source is located. 🙂 It is always fun to see a group of them together.

      • That is funny – they probably scope it out and a quiet place with no predators, or even boaters like at larger bodies of water to bother them. A fellow blogger lives in Iowa and she takes lots of photos of white pelicans that go to a river near her. She was lucky enough to go one morning, when she thought they had all migrated, and they were in a very shallow area of the water, all together diving for fish. She took pictures and the next day went back, all ready for more pictures – not a single one. They seized that opportunity for a feast and moved on to continue their migration plan.

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