Snakes about the Lake

During the summer, it is common to see snakes at various places around the lake. Some are poisonous and some are not. Though these creatures have a certain charm and intrigue about them, my favorite way to observe them is definitely from a distance.

Distance lends enchantment to the view.” ~Mark Twain

33 thoughts on “Snakes about the Lake

  1. Fantastic shots of water moccasins and water snakes. All the photos are wonderful, but I especially like the last shot.

  2. Thank you for these fine images. As always, I enjoy your Walking On A Country Road images very much!
    I use a 400mm lens with a teleconverter to stay as far as possible away from dangerous animals. Having lived in Thailand for 2.3 years, Alaska for two years, traveled to Central, South America, New Zealand and extensively in North America, I have been around a lot of very dangerous animals, so I like to put a lot of distance between myself and them. It doesn’t always work out that way with snakes because they can be small AND very dangerous.

    • Thanks so much! All of these photos were taken from the safety of a boardwalk. When we are out hiking, I’m always watchful. I don’t want to encounter one and not see it until I’m right on top of it. It sounds like you’ve been to some very interesting places!

  3. I’m not a snake person, but I love these photos. The textures, not only in the snake, but the surroundings is amazing – along with a keen eye to composition. Your photography gets better all the time.

    • Thanks for your encouragement Kathy! We’re lucky to have such an amazing place as Reelfoot Lake in our area. It’s hard to take a bad photo there. πŸ™‚

    • These are water moccasins (Cottonmouths) and water snakes. The water moccasins have a more blocky head and their pupils are vertical (photos 1, 4 & 7, I believe). The rest (photos 2, 3, 5, & 6) are water snakes. Their heads are rounder and their pupils are round. I usually don’t get close enough to tell them apart. That’s where photos come in handy.

  4. Oh, you were brave Rebecca. I would not have gotten that close as I’d be afraid it would made a sudden move and send me into the water. You sure got a lot of photos up close. Are these the same type of snakes you photographed all coiled up together a few years ago? I followed a Swedish photographer (who has abandoned his blog now for two years) and I remember sending him your photos and maybe you his photos of snakes which were mating. They were oblivious to John taking the pictures and he was fairly close – didn’t even hear the shutter click.

    • All of these photos were taken from a boardwalk, so, not really all that brave. Zoom also helps a lot! Yes, these are the same kind of snakes that were in the photos and video. They don’t seem to mind having their photo made as long as you don’t bother them.

      • Whew! The photos were so close up – yes Zoom helps a lot. I remember that video. I’ve never seen a snake in the wild and the new Humbug Marsh is apparently full of Eastern Fox Snakes as it is a wetland area. The day they opened the Wildlife Reserve, the Congresswoman cut the ribbon (it had been a pet project of her husband, the late Congressman Dingell) and a snake slithered over to her foot. She kept her cool; I likely would have fainted!

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