Down By the River

Occasionally, we like to take part of an afternoon and go sit down by the Mississippi River.  We go mainly to watch the towboats pushing the barges …

… and to see the eagles which nest along the river. 

It’s also interesting to observe the flora and fauna along the shoreline.

“Sometimes we’d have the whole river to ourselves for the longest time …” ~Mark Twain

17 thoughts on “Down By the River

  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon Rebecca – a little boat action and a little nature as well. I had to look twice at the first tugboat, as our marine client (Andrie Inc.) has several tugboats – they are named after his wife and daughters. But this was the “Karen Ann” not the “Karen Andrie”. I went to Elizabeth Park about six weeks ago, intending to take some nature photos and there was a tugboat and a barge and I spent an hour watching that tug push, then pull around that huge barge with a crane on it, then towing it to the shoreline to put some very large cement pillars in place to replace some old crumbling pillars. I was fascinated and many other walkers on the boardwalk were as well. I took a lot of photos of the tug in action. I am behind on posting Summer photos as I took so many and I’m only posting twice a week now. I went out on many little jaunts on the too-few cool mornings before work (I don’t start until 11:00 a.m.) as it seemed every weekend was hot, humid or raining. Something a little different.

    • It’s always fun to watch big machinery at work! I’m looking forward to seeing your tugboat photos. The cooler days were a nice relief. I’m glad you were able to take advantage of them. 🙂

      • Yes, it was fun and it soon became the highlight of that morning’s walk (even the groundhog that came out of its burrow to beg for treats on the boardwalk just like last time). 🙂 It all looked so effortless moving that big barge. I have seen my photos and I got some of the diesel fumes that were puffing out of the smokestack as the tug moved that big barge around. The cool days were so few and far between that I was happy to take advantage of them. This week end they said rain and storms all weekend … still not a drop of rain. I’m happy for no storms, but when multiple weather folks say “keep your eye to the sky” I know I’ll stick close to home.

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