16 thoughts on “A Patch of Mistflower

  1. I thank Him for this season, because everything is showing off so much.not just the colors but the crisp air, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the busyness of the critters and the sensational smells. Your photos capture that feeling❤️❤️

  2. I agree with Lee Maynard’s comment – Fall is my favorite season and you and I have discussed that in the past – the relentless heat and humidity are gone and there are still wildflowers aplenty and lucky you seeing these beautiful butterflies as well. There have been few butterflies this year in SE Michigan, no matter where I’ve gone – not one Monarch sadly.

    • Yes, I’m glad that it is no longer so hot. That makes our humidity a lot easier to live with. The autumn wildflowers are at their peak right now and are so lovely to see along the roadside. The butterflies and bees really seem to favor mistflowers. I’ve seen quite a few Monarchs this summer and autumn. I always feel like I’m looking at royalty when I see one. 🙂

  3. Nice montage focusing on mistflower! I’ve got a big patch of it too, and I’ve done collages of the butterflies that come to it. In my area, it especially draws lots of Peck’s skippers.

    Did you notice the spider sitting below the bumblebee? 🙂 So many fun surprises when we look closely like this — thanks!

    • Thanks, Kim! I did notice a spider in two of the photos. Since these were just random photos from around the patch, it makes me wonder how many spiders could have been hiding in the area. It seems like a pretty smart place for spiders to weave webs and ambush insects that are present. Another good reason to check cut flowers before taking them into the house. 🙂

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