It’s hard to think about Reelfoot Lake without thinking about the beautiful Cypress trees which line the banks and stand proudly out in the water. 

So, seeing many of the trees torn to shreds by a tornado which passed through the area on December 10 is sobering.

It makes me think even more about the beauty that the trees add to the landscape of the lake, and sad that it has been so badly marred.

Continued prayers for those who lost loved ones and homes in this terrible storm.

“Life changes so quickly that in a second so many things can happen. It is in these flickering moments that we suffer, we endure, we rejoice, and we mourn. It is these moments that will make memories that last a lifetime.” ~Unknown

23 thoughts on “Changed

  1. our photographs are stunning on both sides of the fence. You have captured both with your camera and keen eye for details. Merry Christmas, Rebecca. I hope this wasn’t close to home for you.

  2. Oh, Rebecca, changed is sure an understatement. Your before and after images tell quite a story. You’ll have a ready reminder for a long time to come of that storm, in addition to all the human suffering.

    I just read up on the Lake’s violent origins, the forces of nature are mind blowing.

  3. We are fortunate to not often have severe weather here in New England…aside from powerful northeasters in the winter time. Rarely a tornado like that you recently received. We have had the occasional tornado and the destruction remains for decades.

  4. I’m so sorry to see and read this Rebecca. I know this is a favorite place for you to visit and walk and those Cypress trees were beautiful as you’ve shown us many times and in the pictures up top. I marveled at how pretty they were rising out of the water and in Winter, the ice. I hope your property did not sustain significant damage during this terrible tornado ravage.

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