Watching the Birds

One of my favorite “relaxing places” is on a bench in our backyard.  From there, I can sit and watch the birds as they busily search for seeds and berries or perch on sunlit branches to soak up the sun. I enjoy hearing the different songs they sing and watching their interactions with each other. It always amazes me how quickly they scatter at the first sound of danger, and then just as quickly, reappear as if nothing happened. I find that these little breaks with nature can be calming and uplifting for the soul.

“I don’t feed the birds because they need me; I feed the birds because I need them.” ~Kathi Hutton

15 thoughts on “Watching the Birds

  1. What a wonderful collection of birds you have here Rebecca, many that I’ve only seen in pictures and up until recently, I’d never seen a Dark-Eyed Junco. How pretty they are with their white markings. They gather as a group, then, as you said, they are scared and leave as a group, returning a few minutes later. They’ve been coming to the Safe Haven Tree at the Park along with the other birds. I like the quote and it is so true. We get a lot of pleasure and peace when watching them and need that in our lives these days.

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