Shades of Brown

Various shades of brown can be found in nature’s palette. These earthy hues provide a richness and warmth that can be soothing to the soul.

“Nature gives to every time and season unique beauty; from morning to night, as from the cradle to the grave, it’s just a succession of changes so soft and comfortable that we hardly notice the progress.” ~ Charles Dickens

9 thoughts on “Shades of Brown

  1. Brown was always my favorite color, especially for clothing. I always loved the rich tones, so many different colors of brown and never boring – people would say “brown – it’s a monotone.” Never and looking at these pictures is a perfect example. I love the quote Rebecca – you always have a perfect quote to pair with your pictures.

    • Thanks, Linda! Different brown tones compliment each other and also compliment other colors and seem to make them “pop”. As I have gotten older, one of my favorite combinations is orange and brown. I also like turquoise and brown.

      • I like earthy tones too Rebecca – those colors are always beautiful in nature, especially this time of year, when everything is dormant – all that is left is brown cattails, milkweed pods, teasels and wheat-colored reeds, but they all mesh together.

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