Common Grackles

The grackles are a boisterous and bossy bunch at the feeders, and yet their behavior is suddenly forgiven when the light hits their glossy-black feathers, and beautiful iridescent colors magically appear.

When not feeding, they often sit in groups in the treetops, bellowing a loud and rather unmelodious song.

“The grackles are here and that is quite clear.
The morning is ringing, – not with their singing,
But with their talking, they’re piping and squawking . . .”
~Clarence Hawkes

4 thoughts on “Common Grackles

  1. Ha ha – they think they can sing and that’s all that matters. Not only do they have the pretty iridescent feather, but the intense eyes as well. Those are nice close-ups of them feasting at the feeder Rebecca.

    • Thanks, Linda. They pretty much take over the feeders in the springtime. After they have their young, they move on, and things are peaceful once again. 🙂

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