11 thoughts on “Eagles on the Levee

  1. How nice to get so close up here Rebecca. It must have been windy with that eagle in the first picture having his/her feathers blowing. Looks like they are busy renovating the nest. I finally saw an eagle’s nest last Fall – first time and I had no idea they were so large. I didn’t see the eagles, so lucky you saw both the nest and eagle(s).

    • It’s almost always windy along the river. The nests are large. There was actually a larger one just down the levee but we didn’t see an eagle in it. We spotted 14 different eagles on one trip — some sitting in the trees and some soaring above. The eagle sitting in the nest was watching the eagle in the fourth photo (her mate?) who had caught something and brought it back to a branch of the tree to eat. Occasionally she would let out a screech in hopes that he might share. Eagle drama. 🙂

      • That must be exciting to see those eagles lined up watching you. Eagle drama indeed. She got her treat and was willing to share but he wanted to get his own I guess. 🙂

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