14 thoughts on “Subtle Signs of Spring

  1. Your quote is perfect as usual Rebecca. I have not seen any wildflowers here at Council Point Park. A few years ago they cut down a beautiful Redbud tree – in Spring it was picture perfect, especially with a slew of goslings resting nearby. I am envious of your Spring-y things … were are getting there but no color, just drab as of today.

    • Our weather keeps going from cool to warm and back again. But I’m not complaining. The hot, humid days of summer will be here before we know it. Sorry to hear about the Redbud. They are so beautiful in full bloom.

      • Our weather has been crazy here too. It was frosty everywhere this morning but by the time I came home, the sun had burned it off and it was a beautiful day – too nice to come home and start to work. We are supposed to have a rainy April they say. I don’t know why they cut that Redbud tree down – it did not appear to be diseased, just erupting into beautiful color every Spring.

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