Fall soybean harvest is in full swing, as evidenced by the dust clouds that can be seen throughout West Tennessee.  Farm families call it “money”.  Others might call it “the reason it does no good to wash your car in the autumn” and “the reason the throat feels tight and allergies have kicked up”.  Once the soybeans dry out, a combine comes along, cutting and pushing the plants into the combine and collecting the seeds.  It then discards the chaff out the back. The whole process results in a boat-load of dust and debris being kicked up into the air where it can be seen for miles around.  And, as Isaac Newton said, “What goes up must come down”.  Fortunately, “This, too, shall pass”.  Soon, harvest time will be over, the dust will settle, and once again life in the country will return to normal.

“Dust is a protective coating for fine furniture.”  ~Mario Burata

7 thoughts on “Dusty

  1. I’m sure a huge sigh of relief comes for the farmers once the harvesting is done. I hadn’t thought of the dust for the surrounding area–can you tell I’ve been a city girl most of my life? That quote perfectly describes my housekeeping style! LOL

    • Yes, I know the farmers are glad when they finally get the crops in and stored. One of my dogs is allergic to soybean dust. It sends her into a scratching frenzy. So, when the fields near us are harvested, I try to keep her in the house with the doors and windows closed . My personal policy is to leave the dusting until I know that company is coming. 🙂

      • The first time it happened, I called the vet. Her first question was about whether we lived near soybean fields being harvested. The fields near our house had just been harvested the day before. It happened several years in a row, so now I am more watchful to keep her away from it.

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