Busy squirrels

I wish I had a dollar for every pecan tree seedling that I have pulled out of the flower pots in my backyard.  The squirrels have a habit of bringing pecans from other people’s yards and burying them in the pots on our deck in the fall.  Then in the spring, when the squirrels fail to retrieve them, the nuts sprout and grow.  Our backyard is too small to support pecan trees, but I’m pretty sure that we would have a whole grove by now if we had planted them all.

“Millions of trees in the world are accidentally planted by squirrels who plant nuts, then forget where they hid them.  Do good and forget.  It’ll grow some day.”  ~Anonymous

11 thoughts on “Busy squirrels

    • Mine like the black sunflower seeds that I feed the birds. They prefer to eat on the ground, so one will jump on the feeder and scatter the seeds, and then go back to the ground to eat. They are entertaining.

      • I am going to get some sunflower seeds for a cardinal at the park where I walk daily. That’s a good method for getting treats that your squirrels have. They make me smile as well and they move slower than the birds and waterfowl, so I get more pictures of them. 🙂

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