Clearing out

We finally had a couple of days of sunshine before Easter and were able to get out on some of the back roads to view nature.  The theme of our drive seemed to be “animals hightailing it out of sight”, as many of the animals were skittish and in a hurry to make a quick retreat.

“Timing has a clear and loud voice.  At the right time, step out and the sound will be heard by all.”  ~Daniel Evans

5 thoughts on “Clearing out

  1. Is it too early that they have nests with young ones and maybe that’s why they are so skittish? It is way too early here for any young ones … I am looking forward to seeing the goslings and ducklings that arrive in late April/early May. As usual, you have picked a perfect quote to accompany this post.

    • The bald eagles have little ones in their nests right now. Probably some other birds too. I especially enjoy spring because it is the time of year to spot birds that are just passing through the area. You never know what you’re going to see.

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