A drive along the levee

A leisurely drive along the Mississippi levee at this time of the year never disappoints.  One of my favorite sightings this month was several Ruby-throated hummingbirds darting in and out among the red clover.  We sat and watched their playful activity for some time.  No photos, but clear, beautiful images in my mind.

“Memory … is the diary that we all carry around with us.”  ~Oscar Wilde

14 thoughts on “A drive along the levee

  1. You’ve captured some beautiful images Rebecca as Spring draws to a close. The hummingbirds remain in your mind, but they are so delightful to watch. I wish we had more around here. My neighbor had multiple hummer feeders so they were always around and I enjoyed watching them.

    • Thank you, Linda! There was something special about coming upon them unexpectedly out in nature and watching their busy activity as they flitted about the levee.

      • trying to “pan” is hard! You can do one of three things.Too fast,just right or too slow.
        Think of it like a bicycle wheel.Your at the hub or centre & your subject is at the rim.There is an invisible spoke joining you both so you move in unison.
        Use centre focus only & try to always keep the focus point dead centre. Go down to the waters edge where Gulls are.Try to track them.It’ll give you good practice.Panning is a art form that nobody knows about or ever teaches.

      • Thanks for sharing this. I haven’t heard of it before. Sounds like it would take quite a lot of practice to perfect. I’ll have to give it a try.

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