Watchful calves

One of my favorite parts of our country road walk is getting to see the young calves out grazing in one of the fields that we pass.  They always stop, and seem to be watching with such interest as we pass by.

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.”  ~Robert Fulghum

12 thoughts on “Watchful calves

      • & understandably so.They aren’t stupid.Every animal has the potential of being a predator! Whats the first thing a predator does………..stare! I try not to look into my bear friends eye when I first meet them.By me keeping my camera covering my face they do not see my eyes. Once they know I mean no harm I can view them normally.

      • when you see a animal you want to photograph,look away but walk ever closer,stop,put the camera to you face,turn & take a shot.I call these my “safety” shots,in case it takes off I have something at least.

      • Hmm – this time I was on your site when I did the comment because I wanted to see the pictures up close. Maybe I didn’t press sent, but the “like” wasn’t there either. So I’ll blame me and not WordPress. Yes, the calf looking backward reminded of Princess Charlotte looking back to the crowd and waving after the new baby was born. Everyone was talking about how she took to the “smile and wave” like a duck takes to water.

      • I’ve had someone else tell me that they couldn’t find the “like” button. I don’t know what’s going on with that, but that part does sound like a WordPress problem to me.

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