Northern Cardinals

When I go out to feed the birds in the morning, I am often stopped in my tracks by the sound of chirps and fluttering wings as cardinals seem to appear out of nowhere and descend on the bushes surrounding our yard.  They know when feeding time is, and ready themselves to claim their share of the bounty.  I’ve come to look forward to their beautiful flashes of red and all the activity that surrounds feeding time!

“Stop.  Look.  Listen.  You are surrounded by countless little blessings but you’ll miss them is you don’t pay attention.”  ~Ruth McPherson 

13 thoughts on “Northern Cardinals

  1. Your pictures are so beautiful Rebecca. I really enjoy cardinals too. We had a nest in a barberry bush for years and years and I got to know the tweets of this bird. The female cardinal and I had a nice little relationship wherein I’d give her a cup of safflower seeds every night when I got home from work. She’d wait patiently while I went into the house and got the paper cup and spread them in front of her. I enjoyed that little visit with her every night. I like your quote as well.

    • Yes, cardinals have a way of waiting patiently and expectantly for their food. These fly down close to where I’m standing and chirp excitedly to remind me that they are ready to eat. I think I’ve read that they flock together in the winter for survival and then spread out in the spring for mating. A bunch together, especially against the snow, sure is a pretty sight!

      • Yes, they do that and I like seeing them in the Park as they will swoop down when they see peanuts and grab them right in front of the squirrel’s noses. They are patient and when the time is right and safe, down they go. It is rather comical. The blue jays are not so adventurous and that is just as well as they are too rambunctious sometimes. The cardinals against the snow – just beautiful.

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