Draped in ice

The trees and plants along Reelfoot Lake were once again covered in glistening ice this past weekend.  The beautiful detail and artistry in the rows of hanging ice structures made it look as if the trees were covered in fancy gowns of intricate lace.  Icicles tucked among the plants along the bank reminded me of musical notes written like a song along the ground.  Ice has a way of making everything look magical.

“God is as great in minuteness as He is in magnitude.”  ~Unknown

13 thoughts on “Draped in ice

    • The ice is thinner this year since our temperatures haven’t remained below freezing for long. This has made for more delicate looking formations. Last year, at one point, a lot of the lake froze, and the formations were larger and more solid.

      • No wonder they were so delicate and beautiful – especially if the sun hits them. I just read a post where the woman took those bubble wands like we used when we were kids and went into her yard and blew bubbles and they froze in the air … some of them landed on a picnic table, then partially collapsed. They were not macro photography, just a regular DSLR. Up close they were very intricate like frost etchings on your screen door window.

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