Stirring up the Snow Geese

While driving the back roads along the Mississippi levee, we came upon a flock of snow geese scavenging waste corn out in a farm field.  What a lovely sight they were when they became agitated and a frenzy of white bodies took to the sky. The whir of their wings as they shot off the ground, followed by a multitude of loud shrill cries, are sounds that will long be remembered.

“Nature was here a series of wonders, and a fund of delight.”  ~Daniel Boone

21 thoughts on “Stirring up the Snow Geese

  1. That is a frenzy of snow geese. We get crows that thick. We have Canadian geese, but they don’t congregate in really large numbers around here. Great series.

  2. Beautiful captures! I have experienced Snow Geese flocks many times, it is a beautiful sight and sound! When we see them here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in the sky swirling at take-off or relanding, we call them “Snow Globes” captures. 🙂

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