Venturing out

His presence given away by the clear, loud notes of his song, at first this little prothonotary warbler tried to stay hidden, moving about in the shadows of the low foliage at the edge of the lake.  Eventually, his desire to forage brought him out into the open, as he actively hopped from branch to branch in search of insects.

Here, he ventured out to sun and preen himself on the boardwalk.

“Keep not standing fixed and rooted.  Briskly venture, briskly roam.”  ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

4 thoughts on “Venturing out

  1. That bright-yellow body is like a beacon in between the leaves – what a lovely bird. I am always happy when I am at a park and see a goldfinch flitting between the thistle plants. A little spot of yellow joy amongst the blooms.

  2. I believe I’ve identified a bird by this post! A few months ago I saw a mustardy yellow bird on a fence… just might have been a warbler!

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