Stuck in summer

According the weather man, our area is stuck in summer this week, with temperatures remaining in the 90’s.   But that can’t keep a girl from dreaming about cooler autumn days to come.

“Summer and fall waltzed to the wind in a stolen sweet romance.”  ~Angie Weiland-Crosby

12 thoughts on “Stuck in summer

  1. I’m right there with you Rebecca – here in SE Michigan we broke the record of 88 degrees on October 1st that has stood since 1897 (not a typo – 1897) and we got to 89. I think Michigan thinks it is Tennessee or something! That touch of Autum in the leaves tells me there is hope that Fall is on the way.

      • Wow – that’s oppressive! We’re not that hot but we sure cooled off today – they said we would drop 25 degrees and I didn’t believe them. Hope you get that relief this weekend Rebecca – enough is enough with the heat!

    • Yes, it was a very hot week. We’re finally in the 80’s this week with cooler nights, and will be in the 60’s and 70’s next week. Fall weather has finally arrived. 🙂

      • how are your tree leaves doing? I assume you have colours developing in fall time?
        Warm days and cool nights is what triggers the trees sap to flow into the roots……up here at any rate buts that because the ground freezes. Your too far south for that to happen I assume?

      • Only the vines and small trees have started changing colors so far. I read somewhere that our colors aren’t suppose to peak until around November 9. We’ll see. We’re suppose to get our first frost this coming weekend, which might help things along.

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