6 thoughts on “An unexpected guest

    • I heard him, and knew that it was an unfamiliar bird even before I saw him. I kept hoping to see him again, but he hasn’t reappeared. I’m wondering if he was migrating through.

      • I’ll bet that is why you saw him. I would have thought it was a goldfinch – I must learn to identify birds better. I only know the common ones. Yesterday the local Audubon Society declared the Kirtland’s Warbler was no longer extinct in Michigan – they were pretty excited about that and it made all the news stations. Our state bird is the Robin. I saw a Red Admiral butterfly this morning – we’ve had a mild week. It was by itself and likely heading somewhere warm (hopefully) as our beautiful weather will come crashing back to reality again this weekend.

  1. what a beautiful bird Rebecca! I can’t say I’ve ever seen one before! Are they common down your way?
    A Anna’s hummer has just arrived for the winter. Strange how they migrate north in the fall from California?

    • I haven’t ever seen one before. From what I have read, they are not common for this area. Our hummingbirds just left to go south last week. I always miss watching all their activity when they leave. That is interesting about the migration of the Anna’s hummer. I have never seen one of those in person.

      • the seasons like the birds are fleeting.
        I now have at least two Anna’s. They are arriving with their little suitcases in tow. With all our rain lately they enjoy my feeder as its in a protected area.

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