Around the levee

At this time of year, a drive around the flooded fields and woods surrounding the Mississippi levee never disappoints.  It offers an opportunity to observe a variety of  waterfowl and small birds.

“Birds are the most popular group in the animal kingdom. We feed them and tame them and think we know them. And yet they inhabit a world which is really rather mysterious.”  ~David Attenborough

7 thoughts on “Around the levee

  1. You were lucky to see so many birds Rebecca. I’ve never seen snow geese. I always am happy to see the first red-winged blackbirds arrive around mid-March. I hear their call, often before I see them sitting on a reed or in a tree – then I know that Spring cannot be far off. I’ve never seen that many of them as you had though – it would be beautiful with their shiny feathers and “military-inspired epaulets”. I think our robins migrated this year – I generally see a few of them at the Park but I think they decided Michigan was getting to be a big pain for them in Winter!

    • The red wing blackbirds are really foraging the fields right now. When they get spooked, it’s fun to see them all take off at once. It’s quite a show. There are several robins around, but not like there will be later in February. They and the cedar waxwings usually show up about then to strip all the berries off the bushes.

      • I was amazed how many red-winged blackbirds there were. I’ve seen photos of cedar waxwings, but I’ve never seen one. My friend often posts pictures of some who sit on a tree near her front window – what beautiful birds.

    • It won’t be long. Only 48 days until spring! Our winter has been pretty mild so far, with plenty of rain, so I’m guessing earthworms are available for them here as well as berries . This one doesn’t look like it’s having any trouble finding food. 🙂

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