A Leaf Nest

I’ve been watching this nest for some time, pretty sure that it belonged to one of the Eastern gray squirrel families that frequent our yard.  It’s carefully positioned in a fork between a stout pine limb and the main trunk and was constructed out of sticks, pine needles, leaves and other natural materials.  It is in a perfect place for a nest because of its proximity to a bird feeder and an endless supply of pine cones.

This afternoon, I spied a squirrel exiting the nest.  It positioned itself on a forked branch below the nest which afforded it a wide view of our yard.  Seeing that the coast was clear,  it eased down the side of the tree and over to the feeder for a snack of sunflower seeds before heading to the birdbath for a quick drink.

Shortly after the first squirrel left the tree, a second one also came out of the nest, sitting a while on a nearby branch before heading to the forked overlook for a careful survey of the yard.  Feeling safe, it too carefully climbed down the side of the tree and headed to a feeder — ever mindful of the watch dog who faithfully guards the yard.

“But when it comes to living there is no place like home.”  ~Henry van Dyke

12 thoughts on “A Leaf Nest

  1. They are sassy things. Great squirrel photos and reporting. Does your dog chase them? I’ve never seen our cats mess with the squirrels.

  2. Isn’t it true? Some of the best photos, experiences, friendships and problem solving happens right in our own back yards. Great pictures. Your dog is quite handsome.

  3. Interesting – I have seen lots of nets high up in the trees, but never one have I seen a squirrel exiting them. I see them coming down the tree, but not climbing out of the nest. I’ve never seen a squirrel drinking either. I have often wondered if they drink out of the Creek? I never saw them drink out of my birdbaths when I had them but the baths were not close enough to the fence and they couldn’t climb up them is my guess.

    • My understanding is that the opening of the squirrel nest is usually concealed, facing toward the trunk of the tree. That would make it hard to see them go in or out. We have a fence that runs in front of our bird bath, so they run along the fence and drop down to the bird bath. I took a photo, but it was too blurry to use.

      • I wondered why I never saw them exiting the nest but those nests are large and must be hardy as I see the same nests every year in the big trees in the yards behind my neighbor and me and in the Park when the trees are bare.

  4. We have both grey and red squirrels visiting our feeders. They provide endless comedy and entertainment! Love the photos of the nest. Don’t know where our fellows call home!

    • A lot of people do not like that the squirrels visit their feeders, but I enjoy watching them as much as I do the birds. They are quite entertaining!

      • I agree. However the deer and squirrels make supplying the feeders more expensive. I have tried to make our feeders squirrel and deer proof but no luck. The best was when I bought an expensive squirrel-proof feeder a few years ago and found the squirrel inside the feeder on the first day! I figure I should just enjoy the little dears. It is kind of neat to think that the squirrels we watch today are the g-g- etc. Grandchildren of the squirrels we watched here when we were first married 40 years ago!

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