Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

As I was admiring the blooms of a white lilac, a beautiful Eastern Tiger Swallowtail came floating through the air and began drinking his fill of the nectar from the fragrant flowers.  It was quite an unexpected and welcome surprise.

“Unexpected intrusions of beauty.  That is what life is.”  ~Saul Bellow

16 thoughts on “Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

  1. What a sight for sore eyes. The only white around here is snow. It’s supposed to warm up this weekend. Keep those gorgeous spring photos coming❤️

    • Thanks, Kathy. Another week or so and everything will be in full bloom here. My daughter who lives up there sculpted a bunny out of snow at Easter. We weren’t able to travel up this year to see her and the grandchildren because of the virus. I would have loved to have seen the snow.

      • It was pretty, but also added to the confusion of a churchless Easter. We still attended several churches online. He is risen indeed.

  2. Beautiful Rebecca – hard to say which is prettier, the lilac or the butterfly – let’s just say they are both gorgeous and delicate looking. I feel like I could reach out and touch the butterfly. I have never seen a white lilac before. We won’t have lilacs for another month – we had an inch of snow today and a few more inches on Friday!

    • The lilac bush was covered with beautiful blooms and the swallowtail was just icing on top. I think we have been getting in rain what you have been getting in snow. This is the first year that I remember that we didn’t get a good snow. I’m afraid the insects will be horrible this year.

      • They were a beautiful combo. We had such a mild Winter – my kind of Winter. We did have snow yesterday and 1-3 inches tonight, but only sticking on grass, and mild again this weekend, so it will be gone. I just saw an article today on Michigan ticks – three kinds here and a primer on identifying them. The mild Winter spells doom for insects here too – ticks and West Nile and I hope we don’t have worries about the EEE mosquito-borne illness that surfaced last Fall. All those factors, plus lakeshore flooding, and the Coronavirus are going to kill going out for a nice walk without worries for a long time.

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