3 thoughts on “Hang on

  1. They were enjoying a sunny day like you it seems. I don’t see them around here, but at Lake Erie Metropark last year, I counted about 20 blue ones one afternoon. That was the first and last time that ever happened, and I wondered while they were congregating there, but I sure enjoyed seeing them.

    • Oh, I know the blue ones were pretty! They do seem to run in groups sometimes, and the day I took these photos, I really couldn’t see anything to attract them. Some sources say that they congregate in an area because they are attracted by prey species such as small gnats or mosquitoes. In that case, they are welcome in my yard. 🙂

      • They can come to my yard too Rebecca. Yes, those blue skimmers are pretty – I don’t know them well enough at a glance. I used to follow a Swedish photographer who hasn’t posted in ages, but he went to many marshland area and got pictures of dragonflies and the smaller damselflies.

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