Perching along the levee

In May, the sounds of a variety of birds hidden in the tall, dense grass along the Mississippi levee fill the air.  Seemingly out of nowhere, a bird will flutter through the air and alight on top of a tall weed stalk.  It is interesting to slowly ride along the levee road, occasionally stopping to watch in silence, to see what different types of birds can be spotted.

male Bobolink

male Indigo bunting

male Dickcissel

immature male Orchard Oriole

Eastern Kingbird

male and female Red-winged blackbirds

“In order to see birds it is necessary to become part of the silence.”  ~Robert Lynd

15 thoughts on “Perching along the levee

  1. God looks after the birds and helps them survive and thrive. You were truly blessed to get a glimpse of them.

  2. This is quite a collection of bird photos – I’ve seen Baltimore Orioles but only the adults and Red-Winged Blackbirds, but other than that these are all new to me.

    • I have to admit to having to look some of them up myself. None of them are common to my backyard. Several of them breed in the grasslands around the river and then move on.

      • I am on Facebook and follow the Audubon Society and there are so many birds I’ve never heard of, let alone seen them. A fellow blogger lives in Iowa and photographs white pelicans which I think you featured on your blog too. I had no idea white pelicans existed, just brown ones.

      • I follow Detroit Audubon Society on Facebook too. They often have birder walks their members go on and post pics afterward. They also have started virtual birder walks lately that you can watch live.

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