Turtle watching

As a small child, one of my favorite parts of going to Reelfoot Lake was seeing the turtles lined up on the logs along the roadside and out in the lake.  Nothing has changed.  This is still one of the highlights of my visits.

“There is absolutely no reason for being rushed along with the rush.  Everybody should be free to go slow.”  ~Robert Frost

10 thoughts on “Turtle watching

  1. Turtles can teach us a lot about slowing down and enjoying life. Amazing photos of these incredible songs.

  2. I love seeing this too especially on hot and sunny days like we have today. They line up by seniority, smallest turtles last and plop into the water if you get too close.

    • Yes, I’ve seen them go plop many a time. You have to sneak up on them or there will only be a small number left when you take the photo. I like the small turtles who sit on the large turtles backs. 🙂

      • Oh, I’ve never seen them do that … sitting on a large turtle’s back before. The turtles at my Park can’t be seen underwater as the water is too murky, but a photo taken the other day, he plopped into the water and you can actually see his shell right after his plop! That’s a first!

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