Patiently waiting

We spotted these two beauties sitting in their own individual webs, located near each other in a flower garden.  Black and Yellow Garden Spiders are also known as zig-zag or writing spiders because of the thick silk pattern which is found near the center of their orb-shaped webs.  The pattern is thought to deter birds from flying into the web and messing it up, as well as, perhaps, to camouflage the spider.  These colorful spiders are not harmful to humans and, in fact, are beneficial since their webs catch many flying insects which are nuisances during the late summer and early fall.

“Normal is an illusion.  What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.”  ~Charles Addams

15 thoughts on “Patiently waiting

  1. Isn’t God’s creation amazing? I think your writing spiders must’ve been the inspiration for “Charlotte’s Web.”

      • And they are gorgeous when dew or raindrops gather on them. This time of year here in SE Michigan, it is not unusual to go out in the morning and see these silky strands connecting from a tree to the house or just in mid-air. Never a full web. And sometimes you are walking down a street and walk into a sticky strand – a horrible feeling (especially for someone who is scared of spiders).

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