Still Standing Strong

Since our house faces the west, we get to see some beautiful sunsets when we step out on the porch in the evening.  Between our house and the sunset stands a tree.  There was a time when it was a pretty tree with two long, full branches and companion trees standing at its side.  However, at least a couple of times over the last few years,  straight-line winds have come through and done major damage to parts of the tree and taken out some of the other trees.  Still, today, the tree is thriving, and continues to stand strong in the foreground of many a sunset photo.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

15 thoughts on “Still Standing Strong

  1. Those are amazing shots Rebecca, both the sunset and the tree – I like the quote as well. We do become resilient through the years and bend rather than break. I saw a butterfly a few weeks ago – I don’t know how the poor thing could fly, its tattered wings were worse than any I’ve ever seen. I wonder if it makes it down South?

    • Thanks Linda! Facing the west at the end of the day has its benefits. 🙂 I’ve seen butterflies like that and it always amazes me that that they can still fly. They are tough for such tiny, delicate creatures.

      • It sure does – a fellow blogger lives in Lincoln, Nebraska across from a golf course so he has a great view, no obstructions at all. He has had some wonderful sunsets in the past. Yes, butterflies amaze me sometimes – this one I took a picture of and will feature it in a post down the line. I’m behind with all my photos … I had a great Summer as far as walking and taking photos so still sorting them out.

    • Thanks! The first photo shows what the tree originally looked like. Then the strong winds just about wiped it out. After several years, it is finally getting back to a decent size. The vines have really taken over this summer, but should die off as cooler weather comes.

  2. If you has some how had a picture taken at every sunset from the day you were born to the day you die,you’d find that not one of the sunsets would be the same. Each one is like a snowflake,no two the same but totally unique!

      • I had wondered the same thing, and been testing. Some of my posts did the same, on an IPad with both Chrome and Safari. Later I tested same pages, same IPad, same browser, worked fine.

        I have other issues with WP and images also. Some times slow to load, if at all. Done tests with connections and speed but all checked OK. A guess is WP keeps images on a different server than the WP software, they interface and it is slow.

  3. A beautiful collection of images, Rebecca! How lovely to get to see those magnificent sunsets and to have that tree. May it stay strong for years to come!

    Following up on Ted’s comments, I read posts using WordPress app on my iPad. Reader is not rendering the gallery, I opened the post in Safari to view it.

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