Peaceful Afternoon

Taking advantage of the cooler fall temperatures and the delightful sunshine, we spent a peaceful afternoon on the lake at Reelfoot Wildlife Refuge.  It was fun to hear the sounds of the crows and herons arguing, the screech of the eagles soaring overhead and the gentle sound of the wind blowing  across the water.

“Be mindful of the peace and quiet.  It is only when you keep silent that you allow the sounds of the forest to enter.”  ~Unknown

16 thoughts on “Peaceful Afternoon

  1. You had a wonderful walk – I’d love to join you Rebecca. The subtle change to the leaves and the great shot of the eagles overhead – wow. I have gone to the raptor migration at Lake Erie Metropark every year and all I see is Turkey Vultures!

    • It was a good day to see the eagles. At one point we had four eagles above us at different heights. It was windy that day, and I think they were catching the currents.

      • You were lucky indeed. We had that big wind two weeks ago – strong winds on their migration path. There were many raptors in that path, more than usual. They have officials to count them during this period. You had quite a collection of photos!

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