Golden Treasures

Everywhere you look, nature is aglow with autumn’s golden hues.  These are some of the beautiful golden treasures that I have seen and appreciated over recent weeks.

… Life on earth is truly a gift
every moment we must treasure,
it’s the simple things we take for granted
that become our ultimate pleasures.
~Kathy J Parenteau

14 thoughts on “Golden Treasures

  1. This a great collection of Fall photos Rebecca. I like the deer looking at you and you’re looking at the moon which seems huge! I’ve been for the last time to the Botanical Gardens and Community Gardens at Heritage Park to get some Fall shots to use some time soon. They are ready to take away the Conservatory plants – they overwinter them at areas attended to by the volunteers (even at their homes I understand). They had put some pumpkins out on display but no color in the leaves yet. .

    • Thanks Linda. We often see the deer out munching on the soy beans. They keep a close eye on us. Our leaves haven’t reached their peak, and probably won’t until late October. Looking forward to seeing your fall photos.

      • I wish I’d see more deer – now through mid-November will be mating season at the larger parks in rural areas, so I’ll likely steer clear of them for the short term. We have many deer vehicle crashes in October through November during this time. I am going to try and go through those pictures this weekend – I took a ton of photos over the last months with leaves turning colors and harvest decor in the neighborhood.

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