A Memorable Sound

At this time of the year, we have learned to keep an eye out for the Snow Geese in open fields near the Mississippi River.  On this day, we found a large group of Snow Geese, mixed with other species of geese and some ducks, out grazing for food.  The sound that they make as they move about the field reminds me of a room full of ladies all talking and laughing at the same time.  But even more memorable is the sound that a startled flock makes when it shoots off the ground simultaneously.  The wave of flapping wings and loud, high pitched squawks echo as the frenzied birds soar skyward.

“If you want to live a memorable life, you have to be the kind of person who remembers to remember.”  ~Joshua Foer


17 thoughts on “A Memorable Sound

  1. I enjoyed all of the images and videos. Winter before last I traveled to the Klamath National Wildlife refuge to see the migratory Snow Geese. A significant bonus was hundreds of Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles that arrived to prey on the geese!

  2. Wow – the still shots were amazing, but the two videos really gave you a good perspective … they sure were loud and I liked your comparison of what they sounded like. 🙂 When they took flight almost looked like a murmuration. I’ve never seen a snow goose – very beautiful birds.

    • Thanks Linda! I wish I could have gotten a video of when they first take off. The whoosh of all those wings at one time is such a neat sound. But you never can predict when it is going to happen. They feed on the ground for long periods of time and then, off they go. Many times the presence of an eagle is what sets it off, but the eagles sneak in and you can’t always see them. It’s a scene that I never tire of seeing.

      • I would enjoy seeing that too Rebecca – hope you can get that video one day. It always amazes me how quickly a flock of birds can take flight when they sense a predator, even a human, then all at once they are off.

    • It’s amazing how far these birds travel when they migrate. I imagine that they eat pretty well with all the fields of harvested corn and soybeans around. We sat and watched this flock for more than an hour. It’s a sight and sound that I look forward to each year.

      • I wonder If anyone has done any studies on migrational calorie expenditure?
        It would be hard to estimate but I wonder how many were in that field? A drone far up might be able to give a estimate I bet.
        The sounds of a flock that large is unforgettable! Lucky you!

      • I can’t find a source that tells how many are in that area now. It seems like there are a lot more when they take off and are all in the air than when they’re sitting on the ground. It’s always fun to see them.

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