I look forward each spring to visiting the Mississippi levee in hopes of a glimpse of this small bird.  As you drive along, you can hear the calls of Dickcissels concealed in the dense, tall grass along the road.  Occasionally, one will fly up and perch on a swaying stalk — guarding their territory, plucking seeds from the plant heads, and belting out a loud song.

Below is a short video of a Dickcissel’s song.

“Sing, then.  Sing, indeed, with shoulders back, and head up so that song might go to the roof and beyond to the sky.”  ~Richard Llewellyn

15 thoughts on “Dickcissels

  1. Look at that incredible divine design. I cannot fathom how humankind can’t acknowledge the Creator of all things. Isn’t it just as difficult to believe that these little birds are the result of a big bang? Thanks for sharing your amazing photography.

    • I lucked out and had one hold still long enough to video. 🙂 Their song is suppose to sound like their name, but it took some close listening before I could hear it.

      • I took a free seminar recently called “Birding By Ear” through our local Detroit Audubon Society. I knew some basic birds but was introduced to many I would not have recognized. The Flicker sound was great to learn as I hear a noise at the Park that sounds like monkeys in a jungle sometimes – it’s a Flicker! I’ve never seen a Flicker. I have to learn how to video … baby steps. One day I’ll learn how to put it off automatic and onto manual too.

      • There are only a handful of birds that I know by sound. That would be an interesting seminar. I still use automatic also. Maybe some day I’ll take a class. 🙂

      • Same here. I did enjoy the seminar. I have not done Zoom, but watched it live on Facebook and they put it on YouTube. I’ll put that link below. I think since we’re taking pictures of birds or animals, if we’re not comfortable doing manual, you’d miss it by the time you made the adjustments and settings.

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