White Pelicans and Great Egrets

We came upon this peaceful looking scene — White Pelicans and Great Egrets foraging in the shallow water of farm land near the Mississippi River.

God made the country, so lovely and fair!, It’s wide open spaces for all to share; Where joy and contentment each one may find If he, earnestly, seeks for peace of mind.” ~Gertrude Tooley Buckingham

17 thoughts on “White Pelicans and Great Egrets

  1. I had a single egret, you have a whole lotta egrets. Pelicans are silly birds. Wonderful photos. Fun video.

  2. [Rebecca – I apologize for my tardiness in commenting. I am many days behind in Reader thanks to a major computer malfunction at work. On May 20th, our Outlook crashed and we lost our ability to e-mail for about five days, plus lost all our data; we went from Outlook and Word 2010 to Office 365. Iโ€™ve spent a great deal of my own time troubleshooting with the I.T. guy and spent most of the long holiday weekend doing yardwork. So now I will try my best to get through a massive amount of blog posts.] This was such a peaceful scene to come upon … lucky you! But even as peaceful as seeing all these White Pelicans and Great Egrets mingling was, what struck me was their orderliness in floating along in the water one right after the other. It’s like Canada Geese … in the water, when they follow in a line or cluster together, they always look so graceful as opposed to strutting around on land with a whole lot of attitude. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I like to watch the pelicans pop their heads under the water and come back up — and they do it so elegantly! ๐Ÿ™‚ So sorry to hear you’ve had computer problems at work. That’s sure to make a day go bad. I hope everything is all worked out. Yard work seems to be never ending right now. Grass and weeds spring up in no time. I always look forward to cooler weather.

      • The pelicans were so precise as they floated along … all in a nice line, just straying to go underwater to forage. Very serene looking. I spent a lot of my own time dealing with the computer guy after hours and on the weekend which caused me to be behind here. I’ve worked from home since 2011 and it is always more complicated when working remotely and something goes awry. My house is small and keeping bushes (which grow wild like a jungle in the Spring) in proportion and looking good, dealing with the mulch, weeding took many hours. I was grateful for the cooler weather though – that was a treat. I can remember hot and humid long holiday weekends doing yard work. Those weeds multiple overnight!

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