Red-winged Blackbird

In the spring, the sound of the male Red-winged blackbird echoes out across grassy fields and marshy areas as he noisily defends his territory, puffing up and proudly displaying his ornate red and yellow shoulder patches.

The song of the streaky-brown female can also be heard as she moves stealthily through tall grass in search of food and weaving material for her nest.  Her dull color helps to provide camouflage as she sits in her nest, located close to the ground.

“In spring more mortal singers than belong
To any one place cover us with song.
Thrush, bluebird, blackbird, sparrow, and robin throng.”
~Robert Frost

8 thoughts on “Red-winged Blackbird

  1. Love those birds in flight. They often resemble a bright firework as they flash their red and yellow wings openly.

  2. The males sure have showy colors don’t they? I always like how the females blend in to the reeds at the Creek. The Red-Winged Blackbird’s call in early March in the area along the Creek always tells me Spring will be soon.

    • Yes, their showy red and yellow patch really make them stand out from the other blackbirds. I enjoy watching them, especially in the springtime, when they are guarding their territory and raising their young.

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